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May 29, 2012


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Electronic Health Records

Such a shame that people are struggling due to policy limits. People need sufficient health care especially in times like these. Injury claims are an arduous process, allowing one's pain to increase, further exacerbation of injuries, and causing overwhelming stress. I feel that technological advances in the medical field could alleviate some of these problems. Electronic health records have the option to store more information with out sacrificing doctors digression. There would be precise records of one's medical history. I feel if the entire medical field adopted this new technology, patients would see less of a duration in injury claims. Thank you for posting this.

Blackbox car insurance from Coverbox

That is really a shame, but unfortunately this is the way things are going with this kind of procedure. Injury claims are always long lasting.

Car Accident Lawyer

I think, as you pointed out, the mere fact that State Farm never disputed that Phelps' well-documented injury was the result of the negligence of another should make this three year settlement timeline a gross injustice.

Look forward to reading your further investigation into this case.

personal injury lawyers Vancouver

This is my somewhat uneducated opinion, but I think that the documentation of expenses provided by Phelps' makes a three year settlement delay completely unwarranted in this case and an act of bad faith - especially considering the $50,000 settlement amount.

James Shaffer

This is too long, and one of the many reasons why Americans do not trust the legal process... I mean... 3 years? Cmon!

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