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September 30, 2008


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marsha stephens

the assisting living facility where i work have 100 are more residents,97% residents needs assistance,from this 97%; 45% needed complete care,52% of this 97% are resident living with dementia.40% are in wheel chair 60% other residents uses a walker,but least but not last the wieght of some of these residents are a 2 person lift or 3 at timeS.However,because our company need to cut back,so they can make thier profit,they cut staffs;nursing staffs,6 care aide for 7am-3pm,then,when those tired aides left thier comes 6 care aide for 3am-11pm,when those tired left,there come 3 care aides for 11pm-7am.and on and on,leaving and not giving the optimun care to the residents;holding a mega check with the little strenght that left in he/she at the end of pay week.Who is getting the profit?-not the residents nor the care aides.Is there are any laws that proctect how many residents can one aide care for?,because i care for 22 residents during a 7.5 hour,and most of residents needs complete care.How can i give the care i want to give each of these residents.How can families flush thier loves ones down the drain in these luxury facilities that call themslves assisting living/or nursing homes.Even more dreadful,god forbid if a facility like this one have a fire expecially,during the overnight.Am i going to to grab 44 residents and the other two care aides staffs the other 66 residents?I belive in equal justice,not companies that think about themselves being on top the ladder and have no pity on the man that keeping it clean./..

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